Code of Conduct

At our facility, and across RC racing in general we expect the following simple behaviours and rules to be observed.


Expected Behaviours

  1. This is a place for everyone – not just you
  2. No swearing, derogatory or abusive language
  3. Never argue with an official
  4. Treat others as you with to be treated
  5. Race by the rules
  6. Marshall after your race
  7. Keep your attitude and temper at home
  8. Clean up after yourself
  9. Enjoy the racing and those you share it with
  10. Treat the facility and other people property with respect


Other general rules

  • Enclosed shoes are required
  • Hard case Lipos only
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Observe the driviers stand & drive way signage and direction
  • Help out where you can