Off-Road Rules

Rules for RC are governed by the national body, RCRA. We follow the RCRA Offroad Rules for all Sanctioned Events, as well as referencing them for our Club Championship.

You can find more information on the RCRA rules at the below links.


Please that due to the close proximity to houses, we are unable to permit the use of nitro buggy.

Club Championship

As a general guide, the Club Championship follows these rules:

  • 2WD Buggy Stock – 17.5t brushless motor with approved non-timing (blinky) ESC
  • 4WD Buggy Stock – 13.5t brushless motor with approved non-timing (blinky) ESC
  • 2WD Buggy Modified – open motor & ESC
  • 4WD Buggy Modified – open motor & ESC
  • 2WD Stadium Truck – open motor & ESC
  • 2WD Short Course Truck – 10.5t brushless motor with approved non-timed (blinky) ESC
  • 4WD Short Course Truck – Any 05 size brushless motor up to 4 poles with a 2S battery
  • EP8 – either 2S or 4s hard cased battery

We follow the RCRA, BRCA and ROAR approval lists for electronics.

Approved batteries are required for sanctioned events such as State/National Championships.

Please visit the site to ensure the list is the most up to date.

RCRA EP Off-Road Technical Specifications Book: LINK
Governing Body Websites

Direct Websites: